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What Are The Key Benefits of This Separation?

The Business Logic Domain is Not Affected

By separating out the issues that concern multi-core programming into a distinct layer above the business logic domain, the business logic layer remains unchanged, allowing you to preserve your existing investment:

  • Most developers work in a familiar sequential environment
  • Only a few specialists need training to handle the multi-core issues
  • Business logic developers continue to use familiar tools, languages and techniques
  • Most existing business logic can be re-used without modification

Multi-Core Related Logic is Expressed More Efficiently

The BLUEPRINT logic layer that is responsible for multi-core issues deals only with multi-core issues. This specialization allows use of efficient and intuitive new languages. BLUEPRINT provides just such a language that enables several key benefits:

  • Problems with BLUEPRINT logic are 'seen' quickly and resolved easily
  • Application complexity can be pushed much further
  • It is much easier and quicker for the developer to work with the intuitive language constructs provided by BLUEPRINT
  • BLUEPRINT logic is Object-Oriented enabling a new level of code re-use and cost saving